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22 May 12:51

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Smolik // Kev Fox ( 2 )
I can really feel the fire You can run but they will all ways find you Hang you on a wire Watch you swing beneath the Towers of Babel What do you do with all your wasted time What do you do with all your wasted time Did it catch you by surprise when she made you put your cards on the table She caught you on the wire To watch you sing beneath the Towers of Babel They rolled the dice a thousand years ago We made mistakes a thousand times before What do we do with all our wasted time But where you going now ?
B.Wronska ( 2 )
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Superblack Superblack

23-11-2017 16:13:37
Super Black new single is a club hits banging, and we can not wait to announce to you what we think of the song because the song is going vira when a booty girl was twecking to the song on instagram yesterday.

Sleemz Ibrahim

20-11-2017 23:13:28
can I post my song here,.. if yes den hw?

Dominic Mudau

14-11-2017 17:30:18
Guys am about to drop a track called Dark Forest i hope u like it

kingsley N.S

07-11-2017 01:50:13
Really great

Altarofpraise Obayuwana

25-10-2017 20:38:23

Omolomo Kelly

14-10-2017 00:07:28

Reinnaked Wire

19-09-2017 21:36:38
Wow i confirm

Cyril Ngcebetsha

05-09-2017 21:11:08
wow this is nice

Moses Ogbuigbo

31-08-2017 10:18:09
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27-08-2017 14:14:14
Loved it