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About the contest

Be like Kev Fox and sing with Smolik in their newest single „Queen of Hearts”. Take the challenge of performing Kev’s melody and lyrics to win €500, a live performance together with the artists at one of their concerts, Sontronics STC-20 microphone or a half-year subscription to TIDAL.
Contest time frame: 8th of May - 11th of June 2017.


I can really feel the fire
You can run but they will all ways find you
Hang you on a wire
Watch you swing beneath the Towers of Babel
What do you do with all your wasted time
What do you do with all your wasted time

Did it catch you by surprise when she made you put your cards on the table
She caught you on the wire
To watch you sing beneath the Towers of Babel

They rolled the dice a thousand years ago
We made mistakes a thousand times before

What do we do with all our wasted time

But where you going now ?


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