About the contest

Remix „Sportowa Warszawa” by Baasch feat. Kacperczyk and win DAW PreSonus Studio One 5, „Noc” vinyl, artist’s merch and TIDAL subscription.

Baasch is one of the most original artists on the Polish electro scene. He blends industrial coldness and EDM trance into perfectly composed, memorable songs. His hallmarks are catchy, dark melodies, intriguing, significant lyrics and mesmerising vocals.

The artist's third album - "Noc" (released by PIAS on 28/08/2020) by the end of the year made Baasch the hottest name on the Polish electronic scene. The album was included in almost every summary of the best albums of 2020.

He was nominated to various prestigious Polish awards and won a Fryderyk Prize (Polish Music Academy Award) for the best electronic album of the year.

In January 2021, the song "Sportowa Warszawa" feat. Kacperczyk was released, announcing the vinyl edition of the album "Noc" (released on April 9, 2021).

This song is your newest rework challenge on 2track.pro. Check the details and win attractive prizes.

Get to work and good luck!

Main prize - DAW PreSonus Studio One 5, funded by Audiostacja (www.audiostacja.pl)


Download the vocal track, make your own music to it using your favourite DAW software, then chose one of 2 options:

Go to the contest page and upload your track (INSTRUMENTAL + VOCAL, mp3, max 20 MB) using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button, then click „MIX”.

Bounce your INSTRUMENTAL track (NO VOCALS, mp3, max 20 MB) and add it to the vocal track at the contest page using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button, then click „INSTRUMENTAL/VOCAL”.

NOTE: Choosing this option remember to BOUNCE YOUR INSTRUMENTAL FROM EXACTLY THE SAME STARTING POINT AS THE VOCAL TRACK YOU DOWNLOADED, otherwise the vocals won’t match the music.

Original studio one pro box and screenshot