About the contest

Remix Dawid Podsiadło’s „Dżins” from his latest album. Win 2 000 PLN (< 460 Euro), NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KOMPLETE 12 production package, records collection and TIDAL subscription. The remix which Dawid will like the most has a chance to be released on „Małomiasteczkowy” album reedition.

You have an opportunity to create your own version of the song by the one of the most popular artist of young generation in Poland. At your request, we have also improved the mechanism of adding contest tracks. From now on, you are free to do whatever you want while working on your version of the song - you can cut, speed up, slow down, mix and upload the whole remix (without having to upload the instrumental track only).

We will not list all of Dawid's prizes and successes here, because they will not fit in anyway, and honestly - there’s no need ;-)

Go for it and good luck!


Download a vocal track, make your own music to it using your favourite DAW software, then chose one of 2 options:

Go to the contest page and upload your track (INSTRUMENTAL + VOCAL, mp3, max 20 MB) using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button, then click „MIX”.

Bounce your INSTRUMENTAL track (NO VOCALS, mp3, max 20 MB) and add it to the vocal track at the contest page using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button, then click „INSTRUMENTAL/VOCAL”.
NOTE!: Choosing this option remember to BOUNCE YOUR INSTRUMENTAL FROM EXACTLY THE SAME STARTING POINT AS THE VOCAL TRACK YOU DOWNLOADED, otherwise the vocals won’t match the music.

* KOMPLETE 12 is sponsored by Mega Music - exclusive distributor of Native Instruments in Poland.

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