About the contest

Rework „Czarny Świt” - the newest single from Ania Karwan's debut album and win: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KOMPLETE KONTROL M32*, a hoodie from Ania Karwan’s merchandising collection, the artist’s album and TIDAL subscription.

Ania Karwan became popular in 2016 thanks to the 7th edition of „The Voice Of Poland”, in which she made to the finals and was hailed as a rising diva of the Polish music scene. Her self-titled debut album was released on February 15 ,2019 by 2trackrecords. „Czarny Świt” was the second single from the album.

*Prize sponsor: Mega Music - Native Instruments exclusive distributor in Poland.


Download a vocal track, make your own music to it using your favourite DAW software, then bounce your INSTRUMENTAL track (NO VOCALS, mp3, max 20 MB) and add it to the vocal track at the contest page using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button. Remember to BOUNCE YOUR INSTRUMENTAL FROM EXACTLY THE SAME STARTING POINT AS THE VOCAL TRACK YOU DOWNLOADED, otherwise the vocals won’t match the music.

Original komplete kontrol m32 touch stips