About the contest

Are you a singer? Take part in 2track Open Mic Vol.2 and get the prizes worth over 2 000 EUR!
Compose a melody, write lyrics (or use unpublished ones) and record your vocal to one of 6 tracks by Polish renowned artists and producers:

Atari Wu (Michał Wasilewski - Xxanaxx)
Michał Kusz (Daria Zawiałow)
Wojtek Urbański (RYSY, Julia Wieniawa)
Lilly Hates Roses
Kuba Galiński (Ania Rusowicz, Kortez)

Win: 2 days recording session with Bogdan Kondracki (top polish music producer, working with Dawid Podsiadło, Ania Dąbrowska, Grzegorz Hyży, Edyta Górniak and many more), coupons for Superdry clothes worth over 1 000 EUR and a half year TIDAL subscription.
Upload your works until 30th of November. Good luck!

Download the instrumental track you want to work with, record your vocals using your favorite DAW software, then bounce ONLY YOUR VOCAL track (NO INSTRUMENTAL, mp3, max 20 MB) and add it to the instrumental track at the contest page using „CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK” button. Remember to BOUNCE YOUR VOCALS FROM EXACTLY THE SAME STARTING POINT AS THE INSTRUMENTAL TRACK YOU DOWNLOADED, otherwise your vocals won’t match the music.