About the contest

Hip Hop Open Mic on 2track! Rap your own lyrics to the beats from “KODEX” series – made by the Polish legendary duo White House Records (Magiera and L.A.) and win Sontronics Saturn Microphone, an 8-hour recording session in one of the best studios in Europe - Custom34, a set of 2track gadgets and a half-year subscription to TIDAL. “KODEX” series are 5 cult albums released between 2002 and 2014 with the top polish hip hop artists, such as: Pezet, WWO, DonGuraleski and many more. In Hip Hop Open Mic, you can rap your lyrics to 6 selected beats from the “KODEX” series. We’re really looking forward to your versions!

Download the instrumental track you want to rap to, record your vocals using your favourite DAW software, then bounce ONLY YOUR VOCAL track (NO INSTRUMENTAL, mp3, max 20 MB) and add it to the instrumental track at the contest page using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button. Remember to BOUNCE YOUR VOCALS FROM EXACTLY THE SAME STARTING POINT AS THE INSTRUMENTAL TRACK YOU DOWNLOADED, otherwise the vocals won’t match the music.