About the contest

Create a new version of a song „DZIELNE KOBIETY” by PAULINA PRZYBYSZ, an artist with an exceptional voice which embellishes bands like: Sistars, Pinnawela, Rita Pax or Archeo. Now she is about to release her first self-titled solo album.

As usual, in terms of 2track contests, VOCAL SHALL REMAIN IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM, but the rest depends on your imagination only.

Taking part in this contest you can win €500, a records collection - Paulina Przybysz "Chodź Tu" (CD), Kroki „Stairs”(CD), Bownik „ Bownik”(CD), Krzysztof Zalewski „Złoto”(LP) and a half year subscription to Polish TIDAL. On top of that the best rework will be digitally released by Paulina’s record label Kayax.

NOTICE: To take part in this contest you need to download a vocal track, make your own music to it using your favourite DAW software, then bounce your INSTRUMENTAL track (NO VOCALS, mp3, max 10 MB) and add it to the vocal track at the contest page using "CLICK TO ADD YOUR TRACK" button. Remember to BOUNCE YOUR INSTRUMENTAL FROM EXACTLY THE SAME STARTING POINT AS THE VOCAL TRACK YOU DOWNLOADED, even if you choose to make a shorter intro, bounce your music with a silence at the beginning.

The contest will last until the 18th of September! Good luck!

Contest tracks