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Take part in 2track contests and win amazing prizes.

Get the opportunity to work with established polish producers (Bogdan Kondracki, Michał Fox Król, Kuba Galiński) or vocalists (Y (BOKKA), Fismoll, Novika, Baasch, Kari)

You can upload your music/vocals as a single track for other users to add their vocals/music to, or you can make a new 2track from an existing one e.g. you like the music but have a different idea for a vocal or melody. Simply download the track you're interested in, making sure you have made it a 'favorite' (to find it easily upon your return), record your part and then create a new 2track by clicking “create your 2track” to the right of the existing 2track.

NOTE: You need to bounce and upload only your work (e.g. vocals, instrumental, effects returns), the track you’ve been recording to is already there and you are simply adding yourself to it.

Remember that in order to fully use 2TRACK you need to be a registered user.
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